FIRE IN MY BONES (E-Rock’s Salvation Story)

” I want us to go and see a Pastor Friend of mine “ my dad said with the softest tone in the world.
He looked fed up with my behaviour, the smoking , the sleep overs outside the house, the drinking , womanizing and whatever you could imagine.
I was just 17 and a final year student of St. Peters Senior High School (the best ShS) …
I know some people will not agree to that but it is the obvious truth.
I would usually hear my mum pray at night and mention my name in tears. It was ridiculous to me. Here I was enjoying my life and there they were crying as though I had just died. I loved my mum so much but I could not keep up with her nagging and her endless seminars on how I needed to live for Jesus.
Those fairy tales broke my ears and I decided I would have none of that anymore.

So we had to go and meet his prophet friend that early Saturday morning but I had a recording at the studio that day with my friends. To have a yam(phone) those days was still “gee” and I had one little one behind my trouser in one of the pockets behind.
Boys were calling me so we could meet up but my Dad had hijacked me for one of those long and boring advisory sessions. I felt like puking.

So in we set off to Awoshie a few metres away from the Odorgonno school where Pastor Siaw a tall lanky prophet lived. He was looking too slim for my liking and he had what I thought was a fake smile. He looked at me and smiled and I could recall that his face was a familiar one from childhood. “Oh yes it clicked,” I finally remembered. I knew Pastor Siaw. There he went with all those “you are growing tall and you are growing big “ recitations. My Dad then exchanged his normal pleasantries with him and the story began.

I had doubted the Existence of God sometimes but not this time in Pastor Siaw’s house where strange supernatural occurrences began. He sat with me wearing a pair of spectacles , holding a bic pen and a big Dakes Annotated bible. He began to read Isaiah 60 to me. The sermon was getting long and it was not as if I had never heard these things; I just couldn’t convert. I enjoyed whatever was out there but God had other plans .

Pastor Siaw closed the bible and began sharing a dream he had about me. “I saw two huge snakes in your room” he started. He got my attention there! I was enthused by the wildlife story I was hearing…..

………….. catch the continuation of this testimony by E-Rock

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